Is Chow Chow Related To Akita?

Chow Chow is an ancient East Asian dog breed

The Chow is a strong willed, independent dog. The black tongue is a distinctive feature of the breed. As an adult, Chow Chows are protective and aggressive, and they need to be in a dominant position to ensure their safety. Chows are good with other household pets, but they can be suspicious of strangers and hostile to other dogs. They need to be kept indoors, but are usually not a problem in a home. However, if you live in a hot and dry climate, you will need to be sure your Chow is in the home all the time.

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Although Chows are versatile in their lifestyles, they do need a daily brushing routine. They require bathing every few weeks and should be brushed at least once a day. However, Chows do not tolerate heat well. It is recommended to groom your Chow regularly and take it to the groomer for regular checks. You can also adopt a Chow through a rescue organization.

It’s difficult to train

If you are wondering whether a Chow is hard to train, you’re not alone. These dogs are remarkably independent, yet are extremely loyal to their master. They don’t require an incredible amount of exercise, and are very comfortable living in apartments. Although the Chow is a hard breed to train, it is definitely possible to train a Chow to be housetrained. Here are some helpful tips: