Everything You Need to Know About Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix

If you’re considering getting an Akita, you need to know what to expect from your new dog. This breed is equal parts lovable and willful. They can be a good companion for children, but they also require plenty of attention and exercise.

Health problems

Although an Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix will live as long as a purebred Husky, they are not immune to certain health problems. Most of these issues are hereditary, while others are genetic. An underactive thyroid is one such condition, but it is not common.

Eye problems are also a common concern. This breed is susceptible to juvenile cataracts, dystrophy, and keratitis, so it is important to visit your veterinarian for regular checkups. It is also important to clean your dog’s ears and eyes on a regular basis to avoid eye problems.

Akitas require extensive socialization when they are young, as they can be territorial and aggressive. They are also prone to joint and hip dysplasia. Grooming is also essential, as the thick coat needs regular grooming. Akita German Shepherds are big dogs, weighing between 70 and 130 pounds.

The health issues of Akita Husky German Shepherd Mixes are similar to those of their parent breeds, but their dietary needs are different. The Akitas are larger than their German Shepherd counterparts, so they are more likely to gain weight if not taken care of.

Another major health issue for this breed is degenerative myelopathy, a genetic disorder affecting the spinal cord. The disease progresses slowly, with hind limb weakness and eventually paralysis. Thankfully, it can be treated with mobility aids, but it is not a cure. A veterinarian will determine the best course of treatment for your dog. You will want to consult with a veterinarian if you suspect your dog is suffering from degenerative myelopathy.

Health problems of Akita Husky German shepherd mix dogs can be avoided. An Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix dog should be walked at least 10 miles a day. Its daily exercise regimen will vary, but it is important for the Akita to receive plenty of exercise. An average Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix needs 14 miles of exercise each week. They are also heavy shedders, and may not be suitable for people with allergies.


If you’re planning on owning an Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix, you’ll want to spend at least 60 minutes each day exercising them. This breed is an offspring of two large working breeds, so they’ll love to run and jump. You can take your Akita to the dog park, and they’ll love running and playing with other dogs, too. Just make sure you keep them on leashes and only let them out in secure areas. This is especially true if you plan on living in an apartment.

As a breed, Akitas are very intelligent. They’re loyal and protective, making them great guard dogs, police dogs, and working dogs. You can even train them to be therapy dogs if you’re looking for a canine therapy dog. But be sure to exercise them regularly and be patient with them.

If you’re looking for a companion, consider adopting an Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix. These dogs are both large and have big appetites. They can become overweight, which can be unhealthy for their organs. It can also shorten their lifespan. As with other mixed breeds, Akitas and Huskys can be prone to eye problems. You should make sure yours has the proper eye care.

You should make sure that your Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix gets regular exercise. The two breeds are very energetic and intelligent, and regular exercise can help them stay healthy. They should get about 45 to 90 minutes of exercise every day. A Husky will benefit from long walks, and Akitas can enjoy hiking as well.

Both breeds can live up to twelve years. You should also keep in mind that Akitas are not friendly with other dogs, but they will do well with children.


Akita Husky German Shepherd Mixes are medium-sized dogs with double-coated hair. They shed a lot and need to be groomed regularly. Their coats will become tangled and knotted if they are not brushed regularly. Occasionally, their coats will also need to be cut.

Size of Akita Husky German Shepherd mix differs between male and female. The differences between the genders are notable. As there is no breed standard for Akita Husky German Shepherd mix, they vary widely in appearance, size, and temperament. In general, the Akita Husky is larger than its male counterpart, and it is much more active than its female counterpart.

This breed is very protective and loyal. It is often used as a police dog, security guard, or therapy dog. It is also a good choice for apartment living, although it does require an adequate sized yard. However, you should note that the Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix has a high energy level and can become overweight. This can negatively impact the health of various organs. In addition, excessive weight can also shorten a dog’s life span.

Akita Husky German Shepherd Mixes can be difficult to train. If you’re new to dog ownership or have small children, a Husky is not the right breed for you. They are loyal and affectionate, but can be aggressive when provoked. Despite this, they can be good with kids if trained properly.

Akita Husky German Shepherd Mixes are large and energetic dogs. They can grow to be 22 to 24 inches tall and weigh 70 to 120 pounds, and they are extremely intelligent. They also need a lot of exercise.


Grooming an Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix is essential to keep your dog clean and healthy. The double coat of this breed sheds heavily, so brushing twice a week in summer and twice a week in winter is recommended. Other important grooming tasks include nail clipping and cleaning your dog’s ears. You should also brush his or her teeth regularly.

The double coat of an Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix means that it needs regular brushing and combing. This means brushing the coat twice a week and bathing every two weeks. The hair sheds during certain seasons, so weekly brushing is recommended to minimize hair in the house during shedding season. Also, it is important to trim the nails to prevent infections. Bathing should be done only when necessary, but it is not recommended to bathe the dog too often, as it strips the coat of its natural oils.

Generally, grooming an Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix is easy. It requires less effort than you would with a purebred dog. The Akita Shepherd breed is very active and usually cuts its nails on its own. However, the German Shepherd is prone to health issues, such as structural issues in the spine.

Huskies are known for their independent nature and intelligence. This trait can make them a loyal pet. The German Shepherd is also known for its large, double coat, which protects them from harsh winters. This breed is also known for its strong bite, which can be up to 320 psi.

The Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix breed is an excellent choice for an active family with active lifestyle. They are alert and loyal, making them excellent watchdogs. While most of them are reserved most of the time, they are also playful when it comes to playing.


The Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix is a high-spirited, athletic, and protective breed. Although its temperament is somewhat stubborn, it will learn to respect its owner’s authority. The breed is a very hard worker and must receive a large amount of attention. This is not a pet for people who are unable to devote a lot of time and attention.

The Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix is an intelligent and beautiful breed. It is often more trainable than a purebred German Shepherd. It makes the perfect bodyguard, and will protect you and your family if needed. Its lifespan is around 10-12 years.

The Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix’s temperament is highly dependent on their parents. If they are not socialized, this breed may have high prey drive and may not get along with other pets. However, most get along with other dogs and cats. Akita Shepherds are best for families with older children, but are suitable for single individuals or couples. Due to their size, this breed can be a handful for first-time owners.

Unlike many other breeds, the Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix has a very high level of intelligence. They respond best to positive training methods and will need to be taught to trust their human companions. But you must be patient and consistent with your training. Akitas don’t respond well to negative reinforcement and must be rewarded with praise.

Akita Husky German Shepherd Mix dogs are loyal, protective, and hard-working. They can spend an hour or more exercising, even in cold climates. They are good companions and are a great choice for suburban or rural areas. They are also playful and enjoy playing indoor games such as tug of war, tusking, and Frisbee. Ideally, they should have at least 20 minutes of playtime each day.