Everything You Need To Know About Akita Dog German Shepherd Mix

Before you get an Akita dog, you should know everything about this dog breed. From socialization to health issues, to life expectancy, this article will cover everything you need to know about this dog breed. Hopefully, you’ll get a lot of good information in the process. However, you should note that this breed is not hypoallergenic. That means you should be prepared to give some of its coat a trim.


The Akita Dog is an intelligent and sensitive breed that needs plenty of socialization from an early age. Akita Shepherds can be headstrong and stubborn, so it’s important to establish boundaries early. Akitas are guard dogs at heart, so socialization is important to curb aggressive behavior. Akitas are friendly and affectionate, but need to learn to respect other dogs, humans, and other pets. Fortunately, Akitas make good family pets. Akita German Shepherd Mixes are very protective and intelligent, so it’s important to teach them to respect other people and their belongings.

Akitas are large Japanese dogs, growing from 24 to 28 inches high and weighing between 70 and 130 pounds. Their massive heads and curled tails give them a distinctive appearance. They are intelligent and independent, but are wary of strangers. Their coats come in black, white, or a combination of colors, including brindle and a combination of colors. To keep the soft and plush hair healthy, weekly brushing is recommended. Akitas have a lot of hair, so weekly brushing is required. Their fur also gets on everything.

The Akita Dog German Shepherd Mix is a large working breed. They enjoy running and jumping. You can take them to the dog park for socialization with other dogs, but always keep them on a leash. They must be supervised when letting them out of the house, especially when they are young. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let them run around the yard. An Akita loves vigorous play sessions.

Health problems

There are many health concerns with the Akita Dog German Shepherd Mix breed. Akitas can have issues with their hips, elbows, and eyes. Genetic health tests are required to determine if your puppy has hip dysplasia. Regular grooming will keep your pup’s coat and nails in good condition. Regular brushing of teeth and ears is also essential. Your Akita should be kept indoors.

An Akita is susceptible to several health problems, including a form of kidney disease called renal dysplasia. Signs include excessive water consumption and excessive urine production. Your Akita may have poor appetite and weight loss. It may also exhibit diarrhea and vomiting. Treatment for this type of disease will involve medication and fluid therapy. Your veterinarian will advise you on dietary changes to help prevent this condition. Although the symptoms may be mild, you should seek veterinary care for more serious conditions.

The Akita breed has a relatively low incidence of heart disease. The back of Akita parent dogs is straighter. However, this does not mean it is immune to any disease, as there are several other health conditions affecting German Shepherd dogs. While these problems are relatively rare, if they do occur, they may be difficult to treat or even fatal. You should seek medical help if you suspect your dog has a heart condition.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of Akita Dog is approximately 10 to 12 years, and the lifespan of a German Shepherd is about 15 years. This mix of Akitas and German Shepherds shares some traits with each breed. However, they also have their own unique health issues, so they should not be confused for the same. For example, German Shepherds and Akitas both have strong protective instincts, but Akitas are slightly shorter than their German Shepherd cousin.

Akitas and German Shepherds are both working breeds. They need a purpose for every activity, whether it’s playing fetch or taking a walk. Shepkitas need at least 60 minutes of meaningful exercise a day. Shepkitas love to play, so it’s imperative to provide plenty of quality playtime. Keep your puppy occupied with his favorite toys and give him at least 60 minutes of meaningful exercise per day.

Akita dogs are more active than their German Shepherd cousins, and the Akita mixed with a Boxer is a perfect companion for busy families. During the cold months, Akitas are known for being particularly good at keeping their owners safe. However, they don’t enjoy warm climates. If you don’t exercise them regularly, they may become hyperactive and destroy objects.


Grooming an Akita Dog is not as complicated as grooming a German Shepherd. Their double coat is a good fit for an outdoorsy lifestyle, but they also shed a lot. Brushing is necessary both daily and weekly, as their coats are prone to knots and tangles. If you’re not a fan of brushing your dog, you can use a slicker brush or a pin brush.

A kita’s double-coated coat sheds a lot. It blows its coat twice a year, which means you’ll need to brush your Akita German Shepherd Mix daily. You should brush its coat at least weekly, though, and trim any knots. A haircut may be needed once in a while as the coat can get too long and become unmanageable. Grooming your Akita dog German Shepherd Mix should be a weekly ritual, but make sure to avoid frequent baths, as these will strip the coat of oils.

The Akita German Shepherd Mix breed has an incredibly intelligent nature, but this intelligence can lead to certain health issues. Akitas are known to be highly intelligent dogs, and they can be a good choice for families with young children. However, you should remember that this breed can be stubborn, so proper socialization is necessary to ensure a healthy life for both of you. You’ll also want to ensure that your Akita has plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.


Exercise for Akita Dogs is essential for their overall health and well-being. As active and energetic as any human being, dogs need at least an hour of daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight. While they can live happily in apartments and are not limited to backyards, they require daily vigorous activity. Here are some simple ways to make sure your dog gets the exercise it needs. This breed also needs a daily walk and plenty of mental stimulation, such as playing fetch or jumping rope.

An Akita German Shepherd Mix can have an insatiable appetite, so you should limit their treats to a minimum and give them only the recommended amounts of food daily. Overfeeding your dog can lead to joint problems and health issues. Because every dog is different, the food you give your dog will vary. Consult your veterinarian before deciding on the proper diet for your dog. If you are unsure, check with your veterinarian for a prescription of dog food.

If your German Shepherd Mix is overly stubborn, consider introducing your pet to a training class. This is an excellent opportunity to reinforce the proper way to behave with this breed. German Shepherd Akita Mixes are intelligent, and can learn commands quickly. You should be firm but positive when training your dog. Depending on your dog’s age and nutrition, you may even be able to introduce your dog to children.


The Akita Dog German Shepherd Mix, also known as a Shepkita, is a hybrid breed of dogs. This dog breed was developed in the 1950s but may have existed for years naturally. The Akita Shepherd’s protective nature was meant to be combined with the German Shepherd’s loyalty. The Akita Dog German Shepherd Mix is an extremely intelligent and loyal dog. Most owners will tell you that this hybrid is an excellent companion and guard dog.

The Akita is a medium-sized dog originally bred for hunting and was the first of its breed to be recognized by the AKC in 1972. It was then bred with Tosas and Mastiffs to increase its size and compete tality. A kita-German shepherd mix was not a new concept, but it did not take long for the dogs to gain popularity.

The Akita Dog German Shepherd Mix comes in a wide variety of colors. A fawn-colored dog is an example of a’seasame’ Akita. Red fawn dogs with black tips are classified as sesame-colored dogs. German Shepherds are a large breed, with impressive stamina. Their long, sturdy bodies were a necessity during World War II.


The Akita Dog German Shepherd mix is a hardworking, energetic breed. The breed can run for hours in chilly weather and thrive in environments with plenty of physical activity. They were originally fed rice, fish, and sea plants. Luckily, their diets have evolved a bit to accommodate this type of demanding lifestyle. Here are a few tips for caring for this breed. All dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy and fit.

When looking for a companion, it’s important to remember that this breed has many of the same health problems as their parent breeds. Both the German Shepherd and Akita can be susceptible to certain conditions, including dry eye (which occurs when the eyelids do not close completely while the dog is asleep), bloat (a stomach disorder that results from twisted and enlarged stomachs), and hip dysplasia.

Akita dogs need large living spaces to exercise and stay healthy. Although they are smaller than other breeds, this breed still needs a lot of space to exercise. If you do not have a large yard, an apartment will do. During the summer, it’s important to provide shade and water to keep your Akita cool. German Shepherds and Akita dogs don’t do well in cramped quarters, so they need plenty of space.