Everything You Need To Know About Akita Collie Mix

If you’re considering adopting an Akita Collie mix as a pet, then you should know all you can about them. The Akita is an exceptionally loyal and clean breed that is easy to housebreak. Almost cat-like, an Akita is one of the most sought-after breeds in the world. The following are the facts you should know about the Akita Collie mix.

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Akita Collie health testing

If you’re thinking about getting an Akita, you may be wondering about Akita Collie health testing. While the Akita is a member of the Working Dogs breed, its temperament may be a bit below-average. The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) measures temperament in both dog breeds. Dogs with low temperament scores often avoid contact with people and show unprovoked aggression. On the other hand, dogs with high temperament scores are friendly, protective of their owners, and generally show no signs of aggression. In addition, the Akita has a temperament score slightly lower than the Collie, which means that it is not as well-suited to households with children.

Akitas and Collies share similar health problems. Both breeds shed and require daily grooming. Collies shed more than Akitas, and they are not good choices for households with children. Akitas can also be troublesome for people with allergies, because of their high prey drive. This means they may not be a good choice for households with children or other pets. Akitas are known to be more aggressive than Collies, and this may be an important factor for you to consider when selecting your new dog.


Despite their size and breed, the Akita Bernese Mountain Dog Mix needs to be socialized early in life. This is because they require a daily job and require mental and physical stimulation. The breed should also be exercised regularly and be exposed to many different types of dogs, as well as different types of environments. Akita Collies are not suited for apartment living and need regular socialization.

Although Akitas are not naturally social butterflies, they can be raised in a loving family without any aggressive tendencies. Unlike many other breeds, Akitas are naturally shy around strangers, especially if they are male. The owner must ensure that the dog is properly exercised to prevent any destructive behavior. Akitas are loyal and affectionate, and they are not likely to show any aggression to strangers unless they are properly socialized.

While many owners think the Akita is a solitary breed, they are not. Among their many attributes, an Akita is extremely loyal and loving. Its first owner, a Japanese professor, began a personal relationship with his beloved Akita, who accompanied him to train every day and escorted him home at the end of the day. Hachiko continued to accompany his professor to the train station and home each day for nine years.


Aggression in an Akita Collie Mix is not uncommon. This breed was bred for its courage and loyalty, and to guard and protect its master and other family members. However, their inherent aggressive nature means that they are less easy to train. Aggression in an Akita Collie Mix is often a result of miseducation, or mishandling. For this reason, it is imperative to properly train an Akita to avoid conflict and abuse.

Husky-Akita mixes are often aggressive. This is especially true when they haven’t been socialized and trained. They are known for challenging other larger dogs for alpha status and show dominance to smaller animals. While they are generally submissive to their adult owners, this breed is not good for children. The following tips may help you to train an Akita to be less aggressive:

To prevent aggressive behavior, teach your Akita to associate aggressive behaviors with something it enjoys, like food. Then, try to socialize her with other dogs and children. If you can get her to love tug of war, it might be easier to teach her to resist aggressive behavior. If you’re unsure of how to raise your Akita, consider letting a trained professional help you. Your Akita will probably be more comfortable with strangers if you give her a treat and play tug of war with her.


Akita Border Collies live an average of 10 to 13 years. Akita Border Collie Mixes are more prone to hip and elbow dysplasia than Collies. It is important to visit your veterinarian regularly to detect health problems early and prevent them. The breed of the Akita Border Collie Mix is not prone to obesity. Akita parent dogs shed year-round or seasonally. They are active and friendly dogs.

Akita and Border Collie mixes are smart dogs. They will be loyal to their families and can tolerate cold climates. They are not well suited for apartment dwellers as they will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. The Akita-Pomeranian mix may take after the smaller Pomeranian parent while others may look like their big and bad Akita parent. Breeders should ensure that their puppies have been health-tested for common genetic diseases before being sold to the public.

Akitas have an interesting history. Helen Keller brought an Akita to the U.S. in 1937, and she commented on the breed’s appreciation. She was later presented with an Akita puppy as a sign of respect. Although her first Akita was lost at a young age, she received another one later in life. While many people are skeptical about the longevity of Akita Collie Mixes, they are considered very smart and highly active dogs.


Akita Border Collie mix needs grooming every couple of weeks or so. This breed sheds very little, but it does need brushing and a bath every now and then to maintain healthy skin and coat. Regular brushing and regular vacuuming will help keep the dog’s coat free of doggy odour. Akitas also shed very easily, but grooming them does not have to be difficult.

Corgitas have thick, dense coats that require regular brushing. These dogs shed a lot of fur, so expect to spend a lot of time grooming them. Corgitas are also playful and have a strong prey drive. Grooming these dogs can be challenging, but they are worth the effort. Once you’ve mastered their coat, you’ll want to keep them looking their best.

The Akita Border Collie Mix is an energetic breed that requires about 60 minutes of exercise daily. Akitas will often enjoy playing with interactive dog toys. They need lots of attention and plenty of love. They shed all year round or seasonally, depending on their coat type. They also need a regular bath, especially in winter. The Akita Collie mix has a moderate amount of hair, so grooming it will require a bit of effort.


The diet of an Akita Collie Mix must be balanced and nutritious to help your dog stay healthy. This breed is prone to some common medical problems, including eye problems, thyroid disorders, and hip dysplasia. Fortunately, responsible breeders will screen their litters for these issues, which should be avoided at all costs. Akitas thrive on a complete dog food diet, but they may also benefit from a high-protein formula. While Akitas are relatively hardy, puppies need a special diet.

Akitas were originally sent to hunt in pairs and proved to be excellent trackers. The breed also proved useful in assisting police and guarding buildings. In the twentieth century, Akitas experienced mixed fortunes, with some enjoying worldwide recognition and national treasure status in Japan. However, they have faced a difficult time as their popularity dropped. For the first time since the war, many Akita dogs made the trip to the United States.


As with other breeds, Akita and Border Collies require exercise. They need about 60 minutes of hard aerobic exercise most days of the week. Leashed walks are not considered hard aerobic exercise. Hard aerobic exercise means any activity that makes your dog pant. You can find more information about exercising your dog in our full breed profiles. Read more about your Akita or Border Collie Mix’s specific needs here.

Akita Collies have large brains, which means they need exercise and mental stimulation daily. This is a great benefit if you’re looking to make sure your puppy is not destructive. Even if your Akita Collie Mix is a devoted house pet, they need to learn to share your home with children. Exercise is important for both your puppy and your family. If your Akita Collie mix gets bored, they’ll act out in destructive ways.

While you may not think an Akita Collie is active, it will do a great job keeping you entertained for hours. Unlike other breeds, Akitas need lots of activity. They need daily playtime to stay fit and happy. They also need exercise to relieve themselves of toxins and relieve stress. Akitas also shed their hair year round and seasonally. They can be stubborn, which means that they need to get plenty of exercise every day.